. Bunn Tying Machine 1691
. Bunn Tying Machine 1691
There are several Bunn Models.  Please select
the most appropriate for your requirements. 
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Due to the size and weight of this unit it must be shipped via a truck line.  The shipping charges will be calculated after the purchase based on the location of the buyer
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Bunn 1691  
Bunn 2491  (+$809.00)
Bunn 3091  (+$3,012.90)
Bunn  - Knotter Head Flat Spring  074-013
Bunn - Knotter Head Flat Spring 074-013
Number 10 is the diagram is the spring.  It shows
2 springs, which is recommended by Mfg.  This
spring fits all Bunn tying machines.  They are
priced each.
Bunn Knife RPT-C03 Bunn
Bunn Knife RPT-C03 Bunn
Item 11 in picture is the Knife blade
for cutting twine.  The Part number
is RPT-C03 Bunn (Old Bunn number 021-009). 
The knifes are priced each.