Clear Tape
Clear Tape
This tape is 2mil and has 110 yds per roll.
It comes in 2 sizes, 2" and 3".  The tape
is packaged 36 rolls per case for 2" and 24 rolls
per case 3".  The price is per roll.  Please select
the desired size from the drop down list.
Select Clear Tape
2" Clear Tape - C7100  
3" Clear Tape - C9100  (+$0.87)
Tape Dispenser
Tape Dispenser
This is the light duty hand tape dispenser.  This
unit comes in 2 sizes, 2" or 3".  Please select
from the drop down list the desired unit you
need.  The color could be different that the
picture displayed.
Select dispenser
2" Tape Dispenser Light Duty - SL213  
3" Tape Dispenser Light Duty - SL315  (+$4.00)
Tape Dispenser
Tape Dispenser
This is the heavy duty work horse for hand
tape dispenser.  It comes is 2" or 3" size. 
Please select the required size in the drop
down list.  The Color could vary from the
view picture.
Select Tape Dispenser
2" Tape Dispenser SL239  
3" Tape Dispenser SL339  (+$1.03)
Venom Reinforced Tape
Venom Reinforced Tape
Inter tape Venom Reinforced Tape.
8 rolls per case.
Tape size is 3" x 375'