Combi SW-10 Stretch Wrapper
Combi SW-10 Stretch Wrapper

Due to the size and weight of this unit it must be shipped via a truck line.  The shipping charges will be calculated after the purchase based on the location of the buyer

The estimated shipping cost is $400.  The Combi SW-10 semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine is an uncomplicated easy to operate machine that is logically inexpensive. The SW-10 is designed and manufactured with a manual mechanical core braking film tensioning system that simplifies threading of film.  Forklift pockets provide front and back access to easily move and position the pallet wrapping machine.  The simple control panel offers soft start and fixed stop for precise control.


Production Speed       10-20 loads per day

Load Capacity            Max load weight 4,400 lbs

Load Size                  48” L x 40” W x 87” H

Turntable                  65” diameter steel plate, chain driven

Film Carriage             Belt Driven – ½ hp motor

                                20” roll width. Core diameter 2” to 3”