Marsh Stencil Machine
Marsh Stencil Machine
Marsh Hand Operated Stencil Machines are great
for product identification, shipping information, or
other valuable information that requires a clear,
long-lasting permanent legible mark. Combine the
stencil machine with superb quality oil board, inks,
and applicators, and you can be sure you have a
"system" that meets your coding needs.
The breakdown on pricing is as follows:
     1/4"       $1,770.00
     1/2"       $1,690.00
     3/4"       $1,690.00
       1"        $1,770.00
Select Stencil Machine
1/4" Character  
1/2" Characters  (-$80.00)
3/4" Characters  (-$80.00)
1" Character