CM1 Ink
CM1 Ink
This special ink is for use with the pogo printer
system. It is a porous ink for marking on
cardboard, paper, or wood. It is packaged in a
4 oz bottle. There are 10 bottles in a case.
Price is per case.
This is sold only by case of 10 bottles.
M88 Marking Pen
M88 Marking Pen
M88 Marker, Black, Packaged 12 per box,
Priced per marker. Most economical value
action marker - contains 35%-75% more
ink than most disposable markers.
Replacement tips are available.
Pogo Printer
Pogo Printer
  • Portable stencil and printer combination can be used anywhere.

  • Available with the standard Pogo printer for flat surfaces, or with the Pogo rocker printer for curved surfaces.

  • Ink is distributed evenly through the multi-layered Pogo print pad - no excess waste or mess!

  • Unique stencils made from "tea bag" material and treated with paraffin and special oils for clear, easy, marking.

  • A single stencil can mark up to 100 or more cartons.

  • Both porous and non-porous contact marking systems and ink available.
  • What you get is a PP2038 Pogo printer, 4oz black ink, and a box of B2038 stencils.
We also can package PP2232 and B2232 or PP2038 and B2038 in package instead of PP2038 and B2038.